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About Ed Zarenski

Ed Zarenski retired (well, semi-retired) in 2014 from a 42 year career in construction, 30 of those years as a building project cost estimator and construction economics analyst. He now spends his time as a construction economics analyst, author, educator and presenter. Upon retirement he focused on two life-goals; providing unique construction economics reporting and teaching, which he was fortunate to do at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He created the blog Construction Analytics as a place where his readers can find in-depth, behind the headlines commentary related to the economics of building construction.

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Ed’s economic analysis has been quoted in Bloomberg News, Washington Post, Financial Times, New York Times, CNBC, Los Angeles Times, Marketwatch, Newsweek, strategy+business, Yahoo!Finance, ConstructechTV, Ontario Construction News and a host of other news sources.

Some of Ed’s presentations, links to news articles and who is reading his construction analyses.

Ed spent most of his life as a competitive runner racing everything from the mile to the marathon. He is still an avid biker, hiker and skier and looks forward every morning to his sunrise dog-walks. He worked as an ambassador and campaign chairman for the United Way for more than 20 years and conducts food-collection events to support his local food bank. He has two college graduate children just starting their careers. He’s been practicing amateur astronomy since the 6th grade and spent 10 years studying, developing comprehensive testing techniques and publishing articles about hundreds of pieces of astronomy equipment. He loves teaching kids astronomy. And now he has more time to do all the above.

My approach to search engine optimization is to put the best possible information out there so that everyone has access to it. The rest will take care of itself. As evidence this approach seems to work, the inflation index tables and “What should you carry?” inflation commentary published here are viewed more than 4,000 times a month.

A rising tide lifts all boats.


A note about property: All articles and graphics on this website are the property of  edzarenski.com and all intellectual property and copyright contained therein shall at all times remain the sole and exclusive property of edzarenski.com. You agree that under no circumstances, whether the product has been modified or not, shall you copy, have or attempt to claim ownership of any intellectual property rights or copyright of any product from this website. I appreciate it when you link to my articles. Don’t copy entire articles and paste them to your website.

Construction Analytics

  • Construction Economics Analyst
  • Author Construction Forecast
  • Lively presentation speaker

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • Past Adjunct Instructor- construction management graduate degree program
  • Advanced Cost Estimating and Construction Economics

Gilbane Building Company, Providence, RI

  • 35 years Cost Engineer / Estimating Executive – retired 2014
  • Estimated hundreds of millions of square feet, billions of $ in value
  • Construction economics analysis, lead estimator, estimating systems development, client master plan analysis, life cycle cost analysis, business plan analysis


Origami Poems Project

Penn State University

  • BS Structural Engineering -1979
  • AS Surveying Technology -1977

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