This tracks updates to old posts which have recently been updated to include the latest information. For instance, the Inflation Index and the Producer Price Index (PPI) are updated several times a year. However, Google has indexed the original posts. To maintain internet links, rather than abandon an old post, the original posts are updated. This page will let you know when updates are posted.

5-28-19 > added PDF of full presentation slidedeck from Hanson Wade Advancing Preconstruction Conference, Dallas May 22nd. 

2-12-19 >  Inflation in Construction 2019 – What Should You Carry?   original article from 2018 updated to 2019

2-10-19 > Inflation Index Tables and plots updated to include Q4 2018 data

2-10-19 > PPI Construction Materials Inputs Index – updated to 2018 end of year data

1-7-19 > Trump’s Wall – updated to include steel fence option costs


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