This page provides links to the most recent articles covering a variety of analyses of 2020 and 2021 construction economic activity and presents data for the forecast for 2021 Construction Outlook.


Spend Sector monthly 2015-2022 2-2-21


Construction Spending Update 10-1-21

Construction Jobs Outlook 10-11-21

2021 Construction Inflation

Construction Spending 2021 update 5-3-21

Feb 2021 Forecast Sample PP Slides

2021 Construction Economic Forecast Summary

2021 Construction Economic Forecast 2-2-21

Construction Jobs 2020 down 216,000

Pandemic Impact on Construction, Dec. 2020

Pandemic #13 – Midyear Construction Outlook

Pandemic Impact #8 – Construction Outlook 6-1 April data

2020 Construction Economic Forecast Feb 2020

Summary of 2020 Construction Outlook

Construction Volume Growth

2020 Construction Forecast Briefs

2020 Construction Spending Increases, but Volume is Down

Expect Construction Jobs Growth to Slow in 2020


Midyear 2019 Construction Spending Forecasts

July 2019 Construction Briefs

May 2019 Construction Spending Report -Changes Since Dec Forecast

Notes on April 2019 Construction Spending Report- Jun 2019

2019 Construction Economic Forecast – Summary – Dec 2018

2019 Construction Economic Forecast – Nonresidential – Dec 2018


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Follow the link below for ARCHIVED Jan. 2016 and earlier Economic Reports.

Follow this Link to Construction Economic Reports 2013 – Jan 2016

Author’s note: I provided all opinion in these archived economic reports. As an independent construction economics analyst, I compile economic information and perform data analysis. You will find current construction economic analysis here in this blog format.

Please feel free to contact me at edzarenski@gmail.com if you would like to discuss opportunities regarding specific and unique analysis tailored to meet your requirements, or see my business card for other contact information .  EdZ

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