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2016 Construction Outlook Articles


Articles Detailing 2016 Construction Outlook

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These links point to articles here on this blog that summarize end-of-year data for 2015 and point to articles with projections for 2016.

Most Recently Published

Summary of 2017 Construction Outlook 2-21-17

How Much Does A Steel Cost Increase Affect Construction? 9-18-16

Trump’s Wall

2015 Results

Construction Spending 2015-2016 – How Do The Forecasts Compare? 12-9-15

Construction Spending 2015 and 2016 11-9-15

Construction Spending Market Performance of Nonresidential Bldgs 2015-2016 10-15-15

New Starts and 2016 Starting Backlog

Construction Backlog 2017 3-20-17

New Construction Starts Leading Into 2017 1-24-17

Behind The Headlines – Construction Backlog 1-16-17

Starts Point to Robust 2017 Spending 10-20-16

New Construction Starts Much Better Than Might Appear 9-23-16

Spending Forecast

Forecast 2017 Construction Spending 1-7-17

2016 Construction Spending year end 1-3-17

Are We at New Peak Construction Spending? 1-4-17

Construction Spending Gets Revised UP 10-6-17

Construction Spending 2016 – Midyear Summary

1st Quarter 2016 Construction Spending and Forecast

Construction Forecast 1st Look – What To Expect in 2016? 1-14-16

Erratic Pattern Ahead for 2016 Construction Spending. Why?

Nonresidential Buildings

Construction Spending 2016 – Midyear Nonresidential Markets

Updated 1-23-16 Forecasts of 2016 Nonres Buildings Construction Spending % Growth

Construction Spending Market Performance of Nonresidential Bldgs 2015-2016 10-15-15


Construction Spending vs Dodge Starts vs New Housing Unit Starts 4-27-16

Residential Work Flow From Housing Starts 4-25-16

Housing Starts > Look a Little Deeper 11-18-15

Claryifying Housing Starts Numbers 11-6-15

Residential Construction – Not All Data Tells The Same Story 10-25-15

Infrastructure Outlook

Infrastructure – Ramping Up to Add $1 trillion 1-30-17

Infrastructure Outlook 2017 1-12-17

Calls for Infrastructure Problematic 1-12-17

Saturday Morning Thinking Out Loud #1 – Infrastructure 10-29-16

Public  Construction

Infrastructure & Public Construction Spending 3-5-17

Public Construction Spending 2016-2017 10-21-16


Construction Spending vs Jobs 2-9-17

Behind The Headlines – Construction Jobs 2-16-17

Construction Jobs Show 3rd Qtr Growth 10-7-16

How Many Construction Jobs Needed to Support 2016-2017 Spending Forecast? 1-12-16


How Much Does A Steel Cost Increase Affect Construction? 9-18-16

Construction Inflation Cost Index 1-31-16



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