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Want to Know About Construction Data?

There’s no shortage of data and monthly articles about the construction industry. Like anything else, you need to know how each piece affects the whole if you wish to understand all that data.

In my semi-annual report, “Construction Economics – Market Conditions in Construction”, you can gain an understanding of each piece of the whole, how to read it and use it and the impact it has on total construction.

Topics covered in the report:

  • Construction Starts – The Importance of Cash Flow
  • Leading Indicators – Which Numbers Tell Us About Next Year
  • Construction Spending – YTD, Mo/Mo and Yr/Yr
  • Nonresidential Construction Spending by Major Market
  • Residential Construction Spending and Housing Starts
  • Public/Private Spending
  • Inflation Adjusted Volume – Real Growth
  • Jobs and Unemployment and Increased Hours
  • Jobs/Productivity
  • Behind the Headlines – What’s Right? What’s Wrong?
  • Some Signs Ahead – Links to Industry Articles
  • Producer Price Index – Only Part of Materials Cost
  • Material Price Movement – Major Materials
  • Consumer Inflation is NOT Construction Inflation
  • Construction Inflation and What Affects It.
  • ENR Building Cost Index
  • Indexing by Location – City Indices
  • Selling Price – The All-In Cost
  • Indexing – Addressing Fluctuation in Margins
  • Escalation – What Should You Carry?

Watch HERE for the soon to be released 2015 year-end report with forecast for construction in 2016.

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