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2017 Construction Outlook Links

Articles Detailing 2017 Construction Outlook

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These links point to articles here on this blog that summarize end-of-year data for 2016 and capture in one place my projections coming into 2017.



Summary of 2017 Construction Outlook 2-21-17

1st Qtr Update 2017 Construction Spending Forecast 5-1-17

Construction Spending Midyear 2017 Summary 7-11-17

August Construction Spending 10-2-17

2016 Results

2016 Construction Spending

New Starts and 2017 Starting Backlog

New Construction Starts Totals for 2016

Starts Point to Robust 2017 Spending

ABI – DMI – Starts – Construction Spending

Construction Backlog Leading Into 2017

Construction Backlog 2017

Construction Starts and Spending Trends 2017-2018

Spending Forecast

Forecast 2017 Construction Spending 1-7-17

Are We at New Peak Construction Spending?

Trends in Construction Spending

Construction Spending Almost Always Revised UP.

So, About Those Posts “construction spending declines…”

Nonresidential Buildings

Nonresidential Bldgs Construction Spending 2017

Office Buildings Lead 2017 Construction Spending

Nonresidential Bldgs 2017 Forecasts Vary


Housing Starts vs Residential Construction Spending

Infrastructure Outlook

Infrastructure Outlook 2017 

Calls for Infrastructure Problematic

Infrastructure – Ramping Up to Add $1 trillion

Saturday Morning Thinking Out Loud #1 – Infrastructure

Is Infrastructure Construction Spending Near All-Time Lows?

Public Construction

Public Construction Spending 2016-2017

Infrastructure & Public Construction Spending


Construction Jobs Growing Faster Than Volume

Is There a Construction Jobs Shortage?

Construction Spending vs Jobs

Behind The Headlines – Construction Jobs


How Much Does A Steel Cost Increase Affect Construction?

Constant Dollars – Impact of Inflation

Construction Inflation Index Tables

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