By far, the most accessed information on this website is the Construction Cost Inflation Indices. I’ve posted more than 25 construction cost indices with hot links to the sources and commentary on choosing the right index. This is a well-referenced construction cost inflation resource and access point.

The index tables and inflation commentary are viewed more than 3000 times a month. There are about 25 click-throughs a day to original source resources. The Tables post has the sources hotlinks.

The primary links are

Construction Inflation Index Tables  and

Construction Cost Inflation – Commentary


Here’s a link to US Historical Construction Cost Indices 1800s to 1957

Here’s a 2-15-18 article on Inflation in Construction 2018 – What Should You Carry?

Here’s tables of Producer Price Index values PPI Construction Materials Inputs Index

Home page links to other articles covering a broad range of construction economics.

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